Northstar Locksmiths is now installing hollow metal doors in Metro Atlanta

Northstar Locksmiths is now installing hollow metal doors in Metro Atlanta. We have installed metal doors in the past, but it was more on an as needed basis. Now that we have installed so many hollow metal doors over the years we have found it an easy and natural progression to offer hollow metal door replacement and installation as an every day product. We can now offer our clients metal doors and frames in any shape and size. Now you can be assured that your door hardware will be installed correctly on a door that has also been installed correctly.

Atlanta Hollow Metal Doors

FACEBOOK The Security Nightmare

facebookFacebook should really be called Casebook




Here are just a few pieces of information you can learn from the average facebook account.


  • where you live
  • if your married
  • If your single
  • Age
  • where you work
  • what you drive
  • what you wear
  • what schools your kids go to
  • what schools you go to
  • where you shop
  • work history
  • what your email address is
  • what your phone number is
  • what hours you work
  • who your family members and friends are
  • where they work
  • what schedule they work
  • where they live
  • what they drive
  • if you drink
  • who you drink with
  • what you do for fun
  • what restaurants you typically frequent for lunch, diner, and breakfast
  • WHEN and where you, your family and even your friends will be going on vacation
  • and with a camera on every Android and iPhone someone can literally see and post a picture of everything you own in the background of even the silliest “harmless” picture for all to see.
  • what shows you watch
  • what interests you
  • the floor plan of your home and your friends homes
  • your approximate income
  • your spending habits
  • if you have large man eating dogs

The list of security concerns associated with facebook are never ending and are just mind blowing.

I recently responded to a call from a customer that was referred to me from another Atlanta locksmith. She had given a key to a neighbor 3 or 4 years prior just in case she were to get locked out, and she was requesting that I change her locks and as I was doing so I asked her what was going on and why she was getting her locks changed, and this is her story. Her next door neighbors daughters, boyfriends, brother “still with me?” who had a drug problem was on facebook and had been looking through is brothers pictures and had seen a picture of his brother cuddled up with his girlfriend at her house and in the background of a few of the pictures he was able to kind of compile a list of items.Her boyfriends brother posted a few Stock photos of a very large flat-screen tv on with as much info as he could come up with.He managed to have about 15 people chomping at the bit ready to buy the tv , a laptop and few guns and a few other items that he had seen in a few of the pictures. He knew that the two families would be leaving Dec 8  to go on vacation together but had no plans to even go in to my customers house until he found the key hanging on a hook labeled “Alison’s House” who’s name he knew from facebook and also knew would be out of town. After breaking in to the first home and entering the the second home with a key he took everything he could grab and knew there wasn’t an alarm at the first house so he could take his time but come to find out the second did but he just picked up the home phone dialed 2 or 3 or 4 just to get rid of the dial tone so that when the security system picked up to dial the monitoring station the system wouldn’t be able to dial anything without a dial tone and then he ripped the siren out of the wall and took his time taking what ever he wanted. The police estimated that between the tvs , laptops, guns, the ipads and jewelry, he would have made off with about $25,000, all with the help of facebook. Now I know what your wondering, how did he get caught? Well come to find out the daughters boyfriends druggy brother had a girlfriend that loved the new necklace he gave her so much that she posted a picture of it with the caption “Jake is so sweet” and the ladies daughter had given her mother the necklace and it was the only thing her boyfriends brother hadn’t sold.

This is just one story I have heard as an Atlanta Locksmith but I have heard so many I can’t even begin to tell you half of them. Many say that having a facebook account is like putting a camera in your living room I hope after reading this article you can see it is FAR WORSE.




A big flaw in French doors

This is a little video to inform the public of a quick and easy way that thieves have found to enter homes all across the United States with french doors.It is in our opinion that it such a risk that it needs to be exposed so that people can better protect their selves against this kind of unlawful entry.

The solution is really quite simple either install a one sided deadbolt that is installed so that the bolt drives into the header of the door or install surface mounted slide bolts.

There is a major problem with the new Kwikset Smartkey or Smart Key locks

These locks are in every hardware store across America. The product has really exploded on to the market because it has a new feature that everyone will agree is wonderful to have, the ability to re-key the locks yourself with out having to call a locksmith.But there is one problem and its HUGE, get this,you can unlock every single one of these locks with NO MORE THAN A HAMMER AND A COMMON HOUSEHOLD FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!

And to make this problem even worse Kwikset is aware of the problem and they’re still selling the product and haven’t even went to the trouble of telling there customers that they are in danger.They have simply told the public that these facts are just fictitious statements presented by the locksmith community that is angry because of the loss in business. If you should think that these statements are fictitious or untrue I have only one thing to say, TRY IT.

If you should be looking for deadbolts that actually keep people out, give this website a try

Kwikset Smartkey Fail

Kwikset Smartkey Fail

Adams Rite Commercial Storefront Locks

One of the most common storefront mortise style locks is made by a company by the name of Adams Rite. These locks are sometimes referred to as glass business door locks, business locks, or commercial entry locks, but officially they are “Commercial Mortise Locks”.  Here are the most common deadbolt and dead latch models.

Adams Rite Hook  Bolt mechanism
Adams Rite MS 1850 Hook Bolt mechanism
Adams Rite MS1850 Deadbolt Lock mechanism

Adams Rite Dead Latch
Adams Rite 4510 Dead Latch
Adams Rite 4900 Dead Latch

There are a few new locks that work in correlation with the dead latches that make adding a proximity card, code, or key fob reading entry much more affordable than ever before, here are just a few of those options.

The Narrow Style King Cobra By Schlage

Attractive to all…but the intruder.

The KC9000 Schlage King Cobra for narrow stile doors is part of a family of architecturally designed, manually programmable electronic access control locks and trims specially created for openings with narrow door stiles where latches and deadbolts are used to secure the opening. It is the next step towards migrating up the security pyramid, from a patented mechanical key foundation to electronic access control. A descendent of the original Schlage Cobra, the King Cobra Series is smarter and just as beautiful, with an expanded scope of door and latch applications. Feature enhancements include a 12-button keypad, iButton credential reader, and a Schlage Everest Cylinder.

Several KC9000 Series models and options are available to work with a variety of aluminum door latches and deadbolts.

Narrow Style King Cobra Lock

Like the Cylindrical and Mortise Schlage King Cobra, the KC9000 Narrow Stile series is a perfect security upgrade for situations where mechanical keys are still being distributed to employees, or where mechanical pushbutton locks with single, shared, difficult to change code combinations are relied on to secure an opening. Consider the many ways true key control and security can be easily compromised when relying on a mechanical locking product:

Keys are “borrowed” from a manager by an employee
A non-patented key is given to an employee – can easily be copied and shared
A patented or non-patented key is lost or stolen and locks are not changed or re-keyed
The first time an access code is used without first checking to see who is watching
An access code is shared with a friend
An employee leaves the company and the access codes are not changed
A single shared access code is not consistently changed
A single shared access code is inscribed on the door frame, next to the lock

These locks are designed to fire code, so that in case of a fire any local fire department can gain access to these commercial spaces. There are three main problems that these locks are known for;1) when a key is turned, the lock does not engage and the key just spins and spins and spins; 2) the whole lock cylinder spins so the lock will no longer work; 3) and last but not least the key will sometime get stuck in the cylinder,and can not be removed. In any of these situations a qualified locksmith must be called out to repair the lock, and if you should be in the Atlanta, Cartersville, Calhoun, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, Smyrna, Rockmart, or Kennesaw, GA area give Northstar locksmiths a call at 770-993-5625

Understanding The Different Lock Grades

Locks come in different grades, indicating their level of trustworthiness for home and personal security. Grade one locks are the strongest and grade three locks the weakest. Prices increase proportionally to the strength of the lock grade, so tailor your purchase to your needs.

  1. Cycle Testing

    • Grade one locks can withstand at least 1 million opening and closing cycles. Grades two and three are tested for up to 800,000 opening and closing cycles.


    • Grade one latch bolts project 3/4 of an inch from the door, and grade one deadbolts project 1 inch from the door. Grades two and three latch bolts project 1/2 inch, while grades two and three deadbolts project 5/8th of an inch.

    Knob Impact Test

    • Grade one locks can withstand 10 blows of 75 foot-pounds to the knob. Grade two locks can withstand five blows of 75 ft-lbs. Grade three locks can withstand two blows of 75ft-lbs.

    Bolt Impact Test

    • Grade one locks can withstand at least two blows from 60, 90, 120, or 150 ft-lbs. Grade two locks can withstand at least two blows from 60, 90, or 120 ft-lbs. Grade three locks can withstand at least two blows from 60 or 90 ft-lbs.

    Other Factors

    • All grades of deadbolts can withstand at least five minutes of sawing and 600 lbs. of bolt-end pressure. All grades of latch bolts can withstand at least 360 lbs. of bolt-end pressure.

There is a reason they call them safes.

If you’ve been reading my blog I go on and on about not spending more on security than what you stand to lose, but if there is one thing that stops a theif  in his or her tracks its a safe. So here are a few things you should look for in a safe

  • Affordability

  • Fire rating

  • Relocker

  • Can the safe be bolted to the floor!!!

Affordability: Don’t buy a $300.00 safe if what you’re going to put in it is worth $100.00

Fire rating: There are a few schools of thought when it comes to fire rating. One is, the more the merrier, however the longer the fire rating the bigger the price. So, this is how I come up with how long of a fire rating is needed. Warning!! I’m about to kick a dead horse. Find out what your response time to fire is, and double that time frame.

Relockers: Relockers a pretty good sign that you’re dealing with a “real” safe. Relockers trip when a safe is drilled, making opening the safe much more time consuming.

And last but not least if the safe doesn’t bolt to the floor the bad guy will just pick it up and thank you later for putting all the good stuff in a convenient carry off.

If the safe that you are buying is not used for business get a manual dial, and what ever you do NEVER BUY A SENTRY SAFE!!!!!!

Our Bond Info

Bond information, If your locksmith doesn’t have it, tell them to get it.A Metro Atlanta Locksmith that is actually bonded

Fact: Bad Guys Are Like Vampires, They Don’t Like Light.

Fact: Bad Guys Are Like Vampires, They Don’t Like Light. 

The Atlanta Police Department has effectively proven that crime is decreased in areas where strong security lights are present. In well lit areas, criminals are less likely to commit crimes and those that do have a higher probability of being caught and prosecuted. The motion-activated lights available today illuminate any area where motion is detected. Setting up a perimeter of motion-activated lights around your home or business will not only alert you that someone is within 30 to 50 feet of your home or business, but it will also shed a little light on the suspect. From the perspective of a thief, if a light suddenly turns on they think three things 1)”I’ve been spotted ” 2)”Someone’s home”3) “I’m about to find out how good of a shot this person is” . In any case you’ve got them thinking more about getting caught than what they can take from you.This is good.

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