Commercial lock and door repair in Marietta

We’re one of the very few lock and door repair companies that work on all different types a commercial doors. On this particular job both double doors were starting to sag and they were started to drag the threshold so they weren’t closing properly. Also an aluminum push bar had broken off and somehow in the shuffle had gotten lost. So we supplied a new aluminum push bar and installed two full surface continuous hinges on both doors. We scheduled this call early in the morning so that we were not under foot. By the time they were ready to open the doors were working perfectly.

New lock and door hardware makes a tremendous difference aesthetically. It quite literally makes an old business look new again. if you think about it, it’s the only part of your business that people physically come in contact with. They see everything, but only touch the door hardware. We also adjusted the door closers so that they would hydraulically close slower and more controlled which eliminated a door slam. Obviously a door slam can cause injury to children and when you install a full surface continuous hinge on both doors it removes not all of the risk of fingers being smashed. However it reduces it by 50% because it can only happen from one direction instead of two.