Northstar Locksmiths was originally one of the only Marietta locksmith companies, founded right off the square in downtown Marietta, Ga, and we called this community home for the first five years of business.  At the time, we were lucky to be one of only three locksmith companies with the honor of serving Marietta. In just a few short years, Marietta became a center for locksmith companies, and Northstar found it increasingly important to work hard to set itself apart from less reputable companies.

I can still remember my first locksmith job in the Marietta area.  The job was at a dry cleaning business located near Cumberland Mall.  While it was not my first locksmith job, it was the first time I had done locksmith work as a new business owner. When I completed the job, I shared with the owner this was Northstar Locksmiths' first call.  Knowing the owner was pleased with the work, I walked away from that job with a very new sense of responsibility. On that day, I also realized people put a lot of trust in my Marietta locksmith company, and if you treat customers fairly they will do business with you for years to come.

In keeping with the tradition of trust built with that very first job, Northstar Locksmith continues to provide a wide variety of services to residents and businesses in Marietta, including:

  • Locks changed or re-keyedMarietta locksmith unlocking a car off the Marietta Square.
  • Deadbolt and lock hardware installation
  • Lock repair and adjustment
  • Vehicle unlocked or opening
  • Home door unlocking or opening
  • Door repair and adjustment

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locksmith doing work and the big chicken in Marietta