Did some work on some bathroom doors at Cartersville City Hall

It’s inevitable we end up doing work on the locks on local city government buildings. Bathroom doors get so much traffic that eventually the locks, hinges, door closers and even the doors themselves fall in to disrepair. These are some pictures of a very simple job that we did for Cartersville City Hall we just simply added a few that bolts and then replaced a mortise lock body that had just simply worn out over 30 years.

We do a lot of work for the city of Cartersville as well as Adairsville, Marietta, Woodstock, Emerson, Rockmart, Acworth, and surrounding areas. Whether it be for the police departments or just the city itself we enjoy doing business with local city government offices.

Upgrading a lot of these buildings so that they are handicap compliant is it very common occurrence. As codes change the required lock hardware and door closers need to be changed to make it easier for the handicapped to enter and utilize the facilities. We are well-versed and the laws and regulations in regards to American disabilities act compliance.