Drilled a Cannon safe in Rockmart, Ga today.

After 20 years of providing lock and safe service to the Cartersville and Rockmart areas you could definitely say we’ve opened a few safes.

Here are a few of the safes that we’ve opened:

  • Sentry
  • Cannon
  • Winchester
  • Safari
  • Amsec
  • Fire King

Needless to say the list of safes that we’ve opened continues to grow. We pride ourselves in not only knowing how to open a safe without a combination, but also change the combination on your safe if you should lose an employee.

We can also change rotational dials to push button dials to make entry faster and easier. Because let’s face it in a fast-paced restaurant environment dialing out a manual combination 20 times a day slows your whole day down.

This is definitely not the type of safe that we personally install this is an example of the lock inside of some of the poor quality safes being sold at Major retailers right now.