Locks are only as good as the doors you put them on. Commercial door repair happens a lot less frequent when a quality door is installed from the get go.

We repair and replace a lot of commercial metal doors and here lately we’ve run into this particular situation quite a bit. Someone will cut a door in half at the bottom so that they don’t have to open the door and trigger the magnetic alarm contact at the top of the door. What they do is just open the bottom of the door by using a grinder and a cutting wheel. Our new door has a preventative on the inside of the door that keeps this from happening but as you can see the old door they didn’t have a problem at all.


We see a lot of break-ins in our business, and we do a lot of door repair because of break-ins. Commercial door replacement and repair is pretty much the name of our game. That is what we do for a living, and we do it very well. “even if I do say so myself”.

Whether someone tries to enter with a crowbar. break in with a grinder, or just throw something through a window they will eventually get in if they have a few things that they need. First privacy make sure you use motion sensitive lighting. You don’t want anyone feeling like they’re not seen. Criminals are like cockroaches the lights come on and they scatter. So if you keep your doorways very illuminated the better off you are.

Commercial Door Repair

When we install our doors we do things a little bit differently. We look at a commercial door repair and installation from a perspective of security. Whereas most door companies look at doors more as part of construction. Because we started our business as a full scale lock and security business. We won’t walk away from a job that we know isn’t at our standard of secure.