LSDA’s New Push Button Grade 1 Lever Lock

Lsda in the past has introduced many push button locks to their lineup however most of them were residential Grade 3 locks, and to be quite Frank most locksmiths wouldn’t sell them. Because they were kind of a Asian import that wasn’t of shall we say “exceptional quality”.

This new LSDA commercial push button lock is extremely high quality. The first thing you notice when you hold the lock is the weight of a lock. This is not a rinky dink contraption that isn’t going to last. This is a product that will hold up even under institutional use. And from what all of the locksmiths are saying they’re easy to program, easy to install, and better than most of the options out there. The best part is the price when compared to Kaba or alarm lock, or most of the other major brands like Schlage or trilogy. $350.00 it’s just simply unheard of when it comes to a lock of this nature.

Get one today for $350.00