Access Control

First of all with electronic Access Control businesses can hire and fire without having to hire a locksmith every other week. Furthermore when it come to securing businesses with lots of employees. If you're not using an access system you're kind of doing it the old fashioned way. furthermore if you have to call a locksmith every time you want to change a lock it's not only very expensive it's ineffective. By controlling and monitoring access to major entry points with mag locks, electric strikes and push button or proximity locks you significantly increase your security. Your productivity will almost always go up as well. Due to being able to effortlessly change how you secure your business with access control. As a result you'll have a tremendous amount of flexibility.

The affordability of an access control system is it's greatest selling feature.

Lastly when you can program a card or key fob to an access control system rather than having twenty keys to a building. You'll have just one.  Access control uses hardware that is normally even more secure. Therefore your chances of break ins reduce right of the bat. Furthermore when proximity cards or fobs are lost rather than having to wait on a locksmith to schedule an appointment you can simply delete the card. Finally the Access systems that we install are probably more affordable than you would ever believe.

Northstar Locksmiths installs:

  • Mechanical push button code locks
  • Electronic push button locks
  • Proximity locks
  • Mag locks
  • Electric strikes



Access ControlProximity Locks

Northstar locksmiths creates custom solutions for companies in need of providing controlled, keyless access for multiple employee keyholders.

Services include:

  • Proxy card systems (keycards)
  • Biometric (fingerprint) readers
  • Keypad coded entry systems
  • Patient access control for medical offices
  • Electric Strikes

Northstar Locksmiths also specializes in closed-circuit camera installation as part of a complete access control and surveillance solution.

push button lock installed on a storefront door
Electronic push button storefront lock by
Alarm Lock