Not being the only locksmith in Dallas, GA keeps us competitive, we’ve been unlocking homes and cars and secure their homes and businesses for 20 years, and when I have an appointment in Dallas it’s kind of like an invitation to go home. I really enjoy doing locksmith work there because it gives me the opportunity to revisit some of the places I remember while living there as a kid. Dallas has seen a lot of great changes since then, from the additions of Chic-fil-A, Ruby Tuesday, and Walgreens, to the expansion of Hwy 278 from a two lane rd.

Northstar Locksmiths is the only locksmith Dallas can call 24 hours a day. We are proud to have a 19 year relationship with this community and look forward to each new opportunity to provide residential and commercial services, as well as unlock cars and trucks in the area 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

One of our most loyal customers is a real estate company in this area.  They take pride in ensuring the security of new home owners by having Northstar Locksmiths change the locks on every property they sell before their clients move in.  Unlike many real estate companies now, they understand and care about the risk that exists when old locks are left on your home untouched. It is a pleasure working with a company that values your safety, security, and peace of mind as much as we do.

Outside rekeying locks and unlocking cars, we also provide a wide range of other services to the Dallas, GA community.  Listed below are some examples of these services:

  • Install all types of door hardware
  • Install commercial doors
  • Adjust residential doors
  • Drill and install Deadbolts
  • Install push-button locks
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