Locked Out ?

Are you locked out of a car, truck, big rig, house, or even a safe? We can unlock just about anything, even a private jet. With 25 years of experience not only can we get into whatever you’re locked out of, we can do so without damage.

Although we unlock cars and trucks we do not make keys for them anymore. We now do mostly commercial and residential which is just a better business for old guys like myself. But I’ve never unlocked something that I didn’t enjoy unlocking. So after I had been in business for about 20 years I decided to start focusing more on what I enjoyed doing versus what I don’t.

I really enjoy commercial and residential locksmith work because I enjoy meeting the people. I don’t however enjoy telling people that they’re Saab or Volkswagen is totaled because they lost their keys. That and of course I understand the automotive manufacturers want that business to go to their dealers, not to locksmiths.

I would purchase all of the programming equipment only to find out the very next year everything that I had purchased the year before was obsolete. After that happened a couple of times I realized that it was actually costing me more money to do automotive than it was worth. I still love unlocking cars though, so if you’re locked out of a car I’m your guy!

We can unlock every vehicle out there including even big rigs like Freightliner, Volvo, Mac, and Kenworth. We unlock RVs. And unlock businesses.

A state issued driver’s license is required for any and all lockouts