Locksmith Kennesaw Georgia

Northstar has been the Kennesaw locksmith that has been trusted every day to rekey locks and unlock homes for 20 years now.

We’re the Kennesaw Locksmith that’s unlocked hundreds of vehicles for the students of Kennesaw State University. We’ve probably unlocked thousands of cars and trucks over the years for students “and yes we do give a student discount”. I feel honored that we have had so many people and businesses in Kennesaw continue to use Northstar Locksmiths for all their lock and door work for so many years.

We’ll never lose sight of the fact that our customers have made us successful.

One of the first commercial customers that I had was a company by the name of Preferred Jet Center. I started doing business with them just a few months after I started my business in October 1999. Up until that point I had only really done business with residential and automotive customers. The people that ran the airport were all friends of mine. Therefore I knew that if I treated them right essentially I would be able to do the locksmith work for the entire Cobb County airport. For a brand new locksmith business, this was a huge battle won. I didn’t know it when I first started doing work for them, but it would be a huge learning experience for me.

First I master keyed every lock they had “and that was a lot of locks”. I drilled hollow metal doors to install deadbolts. I Installed commercial lever locks. After a while I found myself working on locks that I had never even seen before. Few Kennesaw locksmiths ever get a chance to work on Gulfstream or Citation Jet. Nothing like working on a 10 million dollar aircraft to make you want to bring your “A” Game.

Here are just a few of the services Northstar Locksmith provides to the Kennesaw area:doing a little locksmith work a the general in Kennesaw, GA

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We serve the Town Center Mall area

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Cobb County Airport in Kennesaw

A new panic bar on a soon to be painted door in Kennesaw, ga
After the door was painted the new panic bar otherwise known as a “rim exit device” was ready for another 5 years of operation.