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Northstar an Emerson Locksmith at one point in time was basically the only locksmith for miles. However, that’s not the case anymore. Northstar Locksmiths has served Emerson, GA for about 19 years now, and I really enjoy working in this area.  With the development of the Lake Point sporting community, we now have an even greater opportunity to serve the residents and businesses of Emerson. Furthermore, we’ve unlocked more big rigs than I can begin to count, but that’s great because we’re great at it.

Northstar regularly unlocks big rigs at Loves Truckstop and has been invited to do work at Chick-fil-A. We look forward to the opportunities to serve the new and upcoming businesses in this community, including the hotels that will come, and we are excited to see how Emerson will continue to grow.

Although we do a lot of work with big rigs and semi-trucks that’s not the only thing going on in Emerson There’s Doug’s every sport you can think of even Wakeboarding. We see a lot of business from the sporting complex and truck stops, but we see a lot downtown.

Commercial services we provide in Emerson include:

  • Master keying locks
  • Installation and repair of door closers
  • We unlock Big rigs “big trucks”
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