We’re the Rome locksmith company right off Chulio Rd so needless to say we can get just about anywhere in Rome pretty fast. With 20 years of experience of being the Rome Georgia locksmith you could say that we know our way around town. We Specialize in commercial and residential lock and door repair, but we’ve definitely unlocked our fair share of cars, trucks, and homes as well.

Commercial Locksmith in Rome, Georgia

If you walk into any commercial business in Rome you’ll most likely see lock hardware that we have either services, installed, or repaired. Panic bars, door closers, lever locks you name it, we can work on it. Looking for standard security keys or something stamped do not duplicate? We’re the Rome locksmith can offer you affordable key control and reliable service.

Residential Locksmith in Rome, Ga

The first lock I ever picked was a residential deadbolt. That was 24 years ago and I still love this business. When I first started my my business I made a goal to drill and install 100 deadbolts every month. Some months I did, some months I didn’t but one thing is for sure we’re really good at it now. We can re-key every lock on the market, and even the ones that have been off the market for years. We’re familiar with every knob, deadbolt, handle set, and push button lock you can think of. So when it comes time to get your locks changed or your house or car unlocked keep Northstar the locksmith in Rome, Ga in mind.

Northstar locksmiths passing in to Rome

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