Adding a window to a commercial door

In a commercial environment hollow metal doors become dangerous without a viewing window. How many times have you seen someone get struck by a door just simply because the person that was opening it had no idea there was someone behind it? That’s why windows can be so beneficial. Even if it’s a small viewing window it gives someone the opportunity to see someone coming.

In hospital settings you almost always see a viewing window in most of their doors. There’s just so much foot traffic that people have to have a heads up before a big heavy door opens up and takes someone out.

In emergency situations rushing through a big hollow metal door that weighs 150 to 200 lbs can cause some serious injuries. In these situations adding a window to a commercial door is essential for safety.

We now offer window installation on site. A lot of times we don’t even have to take the door down. 30 minutes later and you have a window in your door and everybody is a lot safer because of it.

the picture below shows Chris installing a window in a hollow metal door on site. This is something we do a lot so we have the experience necessary to do it cleanly and proficiently without breaking the bank.

Northstar lock and door cutting a window into a door
Cutting a window into a hollow metal door on site