Commercial Door Replacement

We try to avoid commercial door replacement by repairing the metal, aluminum, or wood doors you have. However, when someone uses a crowbar of some kind to break into a commercial door replacement is unavoidable. Paint your doors routinely or they will rust. Once a door is rusty and there’s just no fixing rust. This is why many aluminum doors will outlast steel doors.

commercial door replacement

Metal door replacement is a bulk of our business because of rust that is completely avoidable. It is not uncommon for wood doors to need to be replaced due to damage or excessive use. Aluminum doors age or are damaged by break-ins, they tend to need to be replaced.

When we do have to replace a door we make sure you get a complete installation. We install door sweeps, door closers, and door caps. We are also familiar with fire codes and ADA compliance. We’ve never had a customer warned or fined by code enforcement or the fire marshal. Because the last thing you want is to have a commercial door replaced and then have it red flagged.

Door cut by grinder

How do I avoid having to replace a hollow metal door?

Simply put, Paint them, and oil locks and hinges.

Paint each of your hollow metal doors with oil-based paint or enamel exterior paint. Never install a metal door with just the primer that comes on them from the factory. Primer does nothing to protect a metal door.

We also service commercial doors on a schedule to keep the locks and doors functioning properly.