Installed a few hollow steel doors in Cartersville

Hollow steel door installations can get a little hairy at times. This is one of those rare occasions where we both walked away from the job and agreed it went super smooth. We installed two hollow steel door with two rekeyed lever locks on two new panic bars, with two new door closers . Lastly we installed two full surface continuous hinges

One very rusty door in Cartersville with a perfect frame gets a door swap.

After installing the new hollow steel door in the doorway with a fault surface continuous hinge this door will be a service for another 20 years saving this business $4,000 by not having to tear out the old concrete filled frame.

Installing glass in a steel metal door.
We install viewing windows on existing doors.

One of the leading causes of Hollow steel door failure is improper installation. If a hollow steel installed with just a simple drip cap over the door. This keeps water from pooling in the top of the door. Once the water starts to pull at the top of the door it seeps into the door causing rust. Another very large mistake that we see a lot of is no one installs a door stop. Installing a floor mounted door stop seems like a small issue. If a steel door isn’t installed correctly it will fail quickly. If a quality door stop is not installed it can cause door closers to spring open too far. When this happens it can pull closers out of the face of the steel door.

How long will a new hollow metal door last?

If the steel door is installed correctly. If the the door has a full surface continuous hinge, a drip cap, door stop, and a door sweep that’s all it needs. Just paint the door at that point with a high quality exterior paint. It should last 30 years and even longer if installed away from water.