Northstar a Marietta locksmith that installs doors

Today’s required Marietta locksmith installs doors and today was a pretty simple install “for a professional that is.” It was in my old stomping grounds in the Marietta area. I originally started my locksmith business off Whitlock Avenue in Marietta.

Today we installed a new set of commercial doors with windows. We then installed a new threshold and 2 vertical rod panic devices. Northstar installs doors all over but today we did the work for a church in Marietta.

This is one job that was not for the faint at heart but it came out very clean. We really enjoy commercial work so we’re very good at it. If there’s a horn that I will toot It is our commercial service abilities. There’s not really much that we can’t tackle whether it be panic bars, rim devices, alarming panic bars, door closers, lever locks, and much more.

We have Master keyed or at least done some kind of work for half the commercial businesses in the area.

Okay, now I probably sound like I’m bragging. It is however true.

A pretty good view of a great locksmith in Marietta even if I do say so myself.
Installing two new commercial hollow metal doors with half glass and vertical rod panic devices with a new threshold in Marietta
Two freshly installed hollow metal doors that Northstar Locksmiths installed on a church in Marietta
They don’t look too badly if I do say so myself. They sure look a lot better than they did that’s for certain those old doors are heading right for the dump.
two stainless vertical rod panic devices installed on a pair of hollow metal door that we added windows to.
2 hollow Metal doors were replaced with vertical rod panic devices, windows, door closers, and a new threshold