Pool gate locks and keys

Time to get the pool gates locks ready for action for this summer. Every year neighborhoods and homeowners associations change the keys on their pool gates. Is that time of year that locksmiths practically bathe in brass shavings, and we love every minute of it.

Time to decide who has paid their homeowners association dues.

This It’s also a good time for homeowners associations to decide whether or not they would like to renew someone’s ability to use the pool. Whether someone has not paid their dues to their homeowners association or there has been some kind of misuse of the neighborhood facilities.

It’s also a good opportunity to improve pool gate lock security.

We have a lot of different products that are available now to allow proximity card access control where someone will have to present a card in order to gain access to the pool. This also gives you the freedom of deleting someone if they should not pay their dues or if someone should abuse the facilities. Whether it be a lock on a pool, workout, tennis court or even a basketball court. We can certainly beef up your security by welding in a new box and installing something more secure.

Pool gate lock by alarm lock

Making new keys for the pool

Still the cheapest solution in pool access control is good old-fashioned lock and key. We can just simply cut new keys for everyone that is going to have access to the pool and then just simply rekey the lock and then anyone that had a key will no longer have the ability to gain access the facilities. Whether it be a pool, tennis court or whatever the facilities may be no one that had a key that is no longer allowed access for whatever reason will be able to get it.

Numbering all of those pool keys

Obviously we start the process by cutting keys sometimes hundreds of them. We then number each key so that you can assign that key to either an individual or a family. We can either use the standard security keys which can be duplicated at Home Depot. Most use this opportunity to upgrade your pool locks to a more elevated security product. This new product will not be duplicatable and your local hardware store, but only duplicatable through us. Otherwise, they can just simply duplicating 50 keys at the local hardware store and then giving them out to everyone.

We have already begun cutting pool keys

Because it is something that happens every year we begin cutting keys early. We are ready to rekey your locks today and already have the keys cut. Give Northstar locksmiths I call today to either upgrade your security. Or, just simply change the keys on your pool lock.