Push-button locks installed in Rome, Ga today

I just installed some push-button locks. We also install deadbolts otherwise known as bolt locks in Rome, Ga. I asked the customer if there was a reason why they had chosen to put combination locks on all of their doors? Laughing they responded because we keep locking ourselves out over and over again.

Well needless to say push-button locks have become very affordable here lately. Installing them has not always been an affordable option. Here’s something to keep in mind when it comes to these types of locks. Install the lock only on residential doors not easily seen by someone with a pair of binoculars or a telescope, then I am for the installation of these locks. However, if you have children that have a lot of friends. I am definitely not a fan of these locks because kids tell other kids, then they tell their parents, and everyone else. Next thing you know you have no security in your home. But for certain applications, I say go ahead and install them but they’re not right for everybody.

Being a locksmith we’re always the second call after a crime. So we see what works. We also see hardware that seems more convenient but compromises your security.