Safe Openings

In the twenty years of being a locksmith for Cartersville, Kennesaw, Acworth, and surrounding areas we have opened thousands of safes. We open Sentry safes, Winchester safes, Cannon safes, Brinks safes and probably far more than what I could even begin to list.

How much does it cost to open a safe?

Well as much as I hate to say it it really kind of depends on the safe, but Sentry safes typically run $150 but once a Sentry safe is open it’s really useless and can never be used again. Some of the Cannon safes are about $200 but any safe that has hard plate will be more expensive. Hard plate is a drill resistant plate of steel and they’re normally three or four of them. Drilling through hard plate is very labor-intensive so when it comes to these safes you can usually expect to spend somewhere between $350 and $500 depending upon the quality of the safe, however most of the time good quality safes are repairable after they’ve been drilled.

How hard is it to break into a safe that I’ve lost the combination to?

Most of the time if you have lost the combination to a safe it will have to be drilled open from a very specific drill point. Unfortunately there is a reason why they call them safes, and it’s definitely not like the movies where you can simply just use a stethoscope to listen to this face of the safe and do some magic dialing. You certainly can’t use a high-powered magnet or anything like that. Although I did just recently see a compelling video on YouTube explain how to use a tennis ball to open a safe. Clearly after this method did not work the customer pulled out a drill and turned her safe into Swiss cheese, and when that didn’t work they finally called us to open the safe.

In this case a picture is really worth a thousand words. Luckily we were still able to get into it because we have the correct tools.