We unlock big rigs / semi trucks / or big trucks

We unlock big rigs and unlock semi trucks quickly and professionally. Unlocking semi trucks or big rigs has been part of our business for 20 years. We offer emergency response to unlock semi trucks or big rigs in Emerson, Cartersville, Kennesaw, Adairsville, Calhoun and White Georgia. We also unlock big rigs or big trucks in Kennesaw, Acworth, and Marietta. Our response time is just 45 minutes to an hour in that area, and we don’t necessarily consider that an emergency response time. However a response time of 45 minutes to an hour is typically better than most of the competition out there “by quite a bit”.

We unlock big rigs with absolutely no damage.

Northstar locksmiths guarantees a damage free opening of any big rig, big truck, or semi truck. The way we do our openings is a little different from the other companies out there. We do our openings like a true professional locksmith we picked the lock. We’re not the company that shows up with a collection of fancy coat hangers.

A semi truck that I would like to unlock here in Cartersville

The charge for the service during normal business hours is $100 unless you’re out of our call area like someplace like Tallapoosa or someplace really off our coverage map so to speak. Northstar will unlock a big rig pretty much anywhere our service call would just get a little more expensive if you’re not located in Bartow, Gordon, Paulding or Cobb county. Keep in mind if there’s any price difference we will tell you over the phone before we head out. We don’t believe in surprising anyone. We can take a comdata check or EFS check or credit card over the phone.

Here’s an example of how we unlock big rigs, or semi trucks. Keep in mind this is a skilled locksmith with 20 years of experience so don’t try this at home boys and girls. LoL