We specialize in commercial door and hardware installation and repair

We were working on some commercial doors and hardware on the job we were on today in Marietta. We installed two half-surface continuous hinges, 5 door closers, and stabilized 8 frame legs that had become disconnected. Whereas most door companies would have replaced the doors and frames. After the door repair, We were able to extend their doors lives for at least another 10 years. This will give them worry-free operation for 10 years instead of selling them a brand new door and frame.

Here lately we’ve installed a lot of panic bars and door closers in and around the Cartersville and Marietta areas. But more importantly, we’ve installed a boatload of commercial doors that come in a lot of different sizes and purposes. Such as doors with Windows, half glass, full glass, or with just viewing windows and doors with louvers.

Installing a commercial doors and hardware
Installing commercial doors and hardware in the Marietta area

Commercial Doors and Hardware

Sometimes the biggest problem with a door is that the frame has become unattached like with this door. This door was making contact with the frame on the closing side. That almost always means that the hinge side of the frame needs to be secured. In this case, the problem wasn’t the commercial doors and hardware it was just the frame. Once we realized it just needed a little door repair we secured the frame to the floor and the frame to the wall, the door closed smoothly.

Door Repair

This is when experience counts. Another door company would have replaced both the door and the frame and charged thousands more. Another problem that we solve on a daily basis is when the welded hinge pockets come unwelded. Instead of tearing out a whole door frame, we can install a continuous hinge. This will save your existing frames saving your company lots of money. We can even add windows to the commercial doors and hardware that you already have. We can even add the little viewing windows that keep people from running into each other.