Detex door exit alarm

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One thing that all businesses run into eventually is internal theft. Today we’re in Woodstock, Ga installing a Detex door exit alarm. These door alarms work with a magnetic loop sensor so when the door opens the door alarm will sound. If someone would like to walk out of the door without the alarm sounding they will require a key. Once the alarm sounds you have to have a key in order to turn off the alarm.

The one we’re installing here in Woodstock, Ga is not being installed to prevent theft. This particular install is to keep employees from leaving a door propped open and accidentally allowing people to come in. It can be especially dangerous in factory settings to leave doors propped open. The last thing you want is for a child to walk into a factory and start playing with machinery. With the turn of a key . Someone in management now has a say so in whether or not a door is opened.

The primary reason for these locks however is to alert someone that someone is exiting. It keeps people from grabbing your product and just walking out unnoticed without paying for it. The Detex EAX500 can be clearly heard a thousand feet away. No one will miss someone exiting.

The nice part about these alarms is that you can turn them off if the door is going to have heavy traffic for awhile. Detex door exit alarm also helps catch thieves. If you have someone sneaking product out you just merely have to wait until the alarm sounds and you’ll have your villain.

The batteries on these units last over a year. Wiring not required.