Community pool locks and HOA pool locks

Every year we have lots of different HOAs that call us looking for us to rekey their pool. We also can modify gates to install push button locks or proximity key fob locks. We work with lots of communities but we’re always looking for more. This particular type of work for us is some of the most enjoyable work.

If your neighborhood should have a community pool or tennis area that needs to be secured, we can do that. We cut thousands of keys every year for neighborhoods just like yours. We can also number every key if you would like so that you can keep track of who has what key. If someone should not pay their dues, they don’t get a key for that season.

Push button locks although sometimes quite expensive to install on gates they do offer a little more flexibility. If kids throw all your furniture in the HOA pool you just delete their user access code. When someone brings far too many guests you can delete their access code. If they don’t pay their dues you can simply delete their access code.

Community pool lock

In situations like these it really is worth the money to have a push button lock. When You consider that if anything squirrely should happen with the user you can just simply delete their access code. Some neighborhoods if they should run into problems with a user, they have to re-key locks and reissue keys. The advantage of having a push button lock during these occasions is obvious. Securing community pools or HOV pools is very important to protect the communities facilities. More importantly If you should leave a HOA pool unsecured it’s more likely for a child to drown.