Door Closers

At the top of every commercial door there’s a hydraulic device called a door closer. Door closers control the rate a door closes. They keep doors from slamming on fingers. They also keep glass from breaking from hard door slams.

There are a few different types of door closers:

surface mounted closers

Concealed overhead closures

shotgun closers

Floor closers

Door closers typically run anywhere $120 and in rare cases all the way up to $500 but most of them don’t typically exceed $1,000 unless it’s a unusually rare floor closer.

A lot of this just simply depends on availability and the design of the door closer some door closers are meant for light traffic summer meant for exceptionally high traffic.

How do I know when a door closer is failing?

When door closers start to fail they will typically start by leaking.

Another way you can tell is that they will start slamming or they will start to pause as they close.

A failing door closer can be quite dangerous whether it’s slamming in people’s faces or on people’s heels, or just very simply slamming so hard that it can cause the glass to break. Feeling door closer is something that should be addressed very quickly it’s one of those sneaky liabilities that companies get sued over all the time.