Changing locks or Re-keying locks

Changing locks….There are a lot of different terms that describe the same. A lot of people refer to it as rekeying. I’ve heard it described as we tumbling. I just call it a lock change.

Essentially when we re-key a lock what we’re actually doing is replacing the pins inside of the lock. So when will you say that we’re changing locks, We change locks with different sizes of pins. Therefore the old key will no longer work and a new key will. The benefit to this is it’s cheaper than replacing every lock in your house or business. As far as security goes it’s just like a brand new lock and any key previously cut to the lock will no longer work.

A bulk of our business is changing locks. When a business loses an employee. If someone goes to a divorce. When there’s any kind of domestic issue they call us to rekey or change the locks on the property. If your goal is to keep out someone that previously had a key to a business or residence re-keying your locks is your most affordable option. It also renews the functionality of your lock hardware because all of the internal workings for the most part have been replaced.