Quality lock hardware

There’s a very large difference between the quality hardware that we install compared to 90% of the lock and door companies out there. We’ve been in the business for 23 years now. In turn, what this means for you is we know what lock hardware is good. We also know what lock hardware is garbage, and what quality hardware will stay on the door for 5 years maintenance-free.

Most locksmith companies’ primary objective is to buy low and sell high. They buy it low and sell it high. These companies disappear quickly. We’ve been in business long enough now to know what products last and what products fall apart.

When it comes to panic bars, lever handles, door closers, and deadbolts it’s never wise to go with sub-par quality hardware. That being said, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good piece of quality lock hardware.

low quality lock hardware
High quality lock hardware

For instance, Lowe’s has a product by the name of gatehouse it’s an extremely secure product. Gatehouse is a quality lock hardware, sold at a very good price. Only one problem is the lock will fall apart and wind up coming off the door within three years. Home Depot has a product that is their least expensive product called Defiant. Defiant is a cheap product but at least holds up a little bit longer but is nowhere near as secure. When it comes to lock hardware you definitely get what you pay for.